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By installing the Upromise TurboSaver®, you give Upromise permission to direct your visits to Upromise online retailers through your Upromise account and, if you are not cookied as a Upromise member, to request that you log in to your Upromise account before proceeding to the retailer's web site. This is done to ensure that you receive college savings when shopping online.

The following Upromise Online Shopping partners are not compatible with the Upromise TurboSaver: eBay.com and Overstock.com. This list is subject to change at any time without notice. To earn a Upromise contribution with these partners, shop directly through upromise.com.

All Upromise Online Shopping Terms and Conditions apply when using TurboSaver. The Terms & Conditions and FAQs can be found in the Program Details. Specific Terms & Conditions apply for each company's contributions and can be found in the Program Details or by clicking on the "store info" popup for that company. Participating companies, contribution levels, and terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

You must install TurboSaver on each web browser you use. If you use both IE and Firefox you should install it on each browser (.exe for IE and .xpi for Firefox).