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Redeem Your Earnings

As your account balance grows, consider how to use your Upromise earnings today to achieve your goals for the future. If those goals
change, you can change how you use your earnings at any time!

Save for college and beyond.

Open and link a Upromise GoalSaver Account. Earn a great rate plus, you can qualify for a 10% annual match 1,2 on your Upromise swept earnings!

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Help pay down an eligible
Sallie Mae® loan.

The Sallie Mae® Smart Option Student Loan® and Sallie Mae Parent Loan(SM) offer competitive interest rates to help you pay for college expenses.

Use Upromise Loan Link® for automatic transfers from your Upromise account 3. Plus, Smart Option Student Loan® holders who are Upromise members can earn a 2% cash back benefit with the Interest or Fixed repayment options. 4

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Save in a tax-advantaged
college fund.

Invest in a tax-advantaged, flexible
college fund account for your
children, grandchildren, or even
for yourself. 5

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Use your earnings any way you want
We'll send you a check ($10 minimum) so you can use your cash back however you like.

1 Upromise GoalSaver Accounts are offered through Sallie Mae Bank, Member FDIC.

2 10% Match on Upromise Rewards: To be eligible for the 10% annual match on your Upromise earnings from Upromise, you must link your Upromise GoalSaver Account to your Upromise Account and, within 90 days of opening your Upromise GoalSaver Account, either: 1. Make your first of at least 10 externally funded credit/deposit transactions into the Upromise GoalSaver Account and complete at least 10 externally funded credit/deposit transactions within the anniversary year or 2. Fund your Upromise GoalSaver Account with $5,000 or more and maintain an average daily balance of $5,000 or more during the 12 months from account opening. Should you fail to meet the requirements during the anniversary year, you will have the opportunity to become eligible for the 10% match in additional years if, by your anniversary date, you (a) link your Upromise GoalSaver Account to your Upromise Account, and (b), you either meet the $5,000 average daily balance minimum funding requirement, or you meet the 10 externally funded credit/deposit requirement in the anniversary year. If you qualify for the 10% match based on having the average daily balance of $5,000 in your Upromise Account, you must maintain that average balance in your Upromise GoalSaver for the duration of the anniversary year for which your transferred earnings will be matched. Once you complete the steps above, Upromise will match 10% of your Upromise earnings that you transfer from your Upromise Rewards Account into your Upromise GoalSaver Account during each anniversary year. Your match will be deposited into your Upromise GoalSaver Account within 60 days after your anniversary date, provided that both accounts remain active at time of transfer. Please refer to GoalSaver FAQs for additional information. Upromise may change or terminate the 10% annual match offer at any time without notice. Other terms and conditions may apply. Upromise Accounts are not FDIC insured, carry no bank guarantee and may lose value.

3 Only the primary borrower can link Upromise and loan accounts. Cosigners, family and friends may direct their Upromise earnings to the Upromise account of the primary borrower to help them pay down their loans. Not all loans may be eligible for linking. To view details and how Upromise earnings are applied to loans please visit www.Upromise.com/loanlink. Upromise account balances of $10 or more will be transferred to help pay down linked loans on a monthly basis. If you have multiple eligible loans, allocation of your Upromise earnings will depend on the loan type and are at the sole discretion of Upromise and Sallie Mae. Access to Upromise is not limited to Sallie Mae and Navient loan customers.

4Primary borrower must enroll in Upromise to be eligible to earn a reward into his or her active Upromise account of 2% of the Current Amount Due in each month it is paid on-time during the in-school and separation periods. If paid ahead, the reward will be based on the regularly scheduled monthly payment amount. The loan must remain current to be eligible for the reward. The Smart Reward Benefit and Upromise membership are subject to the terms and conditions of the Upromise service, as may be amended from time to time. Terms and conditions apply to the Upromise service. Participating companies, contribution levels and terms and conditions are subject to change at any time without notice. Go to Upromise.com to learn more. Upromise Accounts are not FDIC insured, carry no bank guarantee and may lose value.

5 Before investing in any 529 plan, please consider whether your or the designated beneficiary's home state offers its taxpayers any benefits that are only available through that state's 529 plan. Investment objectives, risks, charges, expenses, and other important information are included in each 529 plan's offering statement; please read and consider it carefully before investing in a 529 plan.
When you invest in a 529 plan, you are purchasing municipal securities whose value may vary based on market conditions. Investment returns are not guaranteed, and you could lose money by investing in a 529 plan. Account owners assume all investment risks as well as responsibility for any federal and state tax consequences.
529 savings plans are not FDIC insured, carry no bank guarantee and may lose value.