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Magazines.com 25%
Upromise contributing company: 10/5/2005
How cash back is tracked:
Shop through the link on the Upromise website or pay with any of your registered credit cards when you call 1-800-MAGAZINES (1-800-624-2946).
When cash back posts as pending:*
10-45 days after purchase.
When cash back is deposited:*
Varies. Cash back is funded once payment is received from the contributing company, usually within 60-90 days after the cash back is posted.


Can I pay with my debit card?
Yes. You can register your debit or check card if it displays the Visa or Mastercard brand. Just select "credit card" as your payment method when you spend with any of hundreds of contributing companies and you will automatically get college savings. If you are not given an opportunity to select "credit", please verify with the checkout attendant that your payment method is "credit" and not "debit".

Prepaid rentals must present the same registered card for the security hold that was used for payment. Otherwise the rental will not register for the cash back.

Why does it take 10-45 days for my cash back to post?
Our partners all operate on different schedules and send us their tracking information at different intervals. Some send it daily and some send once a month. The time it takes for your cash back to post depends on when the partner you shop with sends us their information and how quickly we can process it.

Why does it take 45-90 days after posting for my cash back to be deposited into my Upromise account?
Upromise credits your account only after we receive payment from our partner company. The time it takes for your payment to be deposited into your Upromise account depends on when our partner company sends us the cash back payment.

What does "registered credit card" or "a card you've registered with Upromise" mean?
A "registered credit card" or "a card you've registered with Upromise" both refer to the same thing: any credit or debit (with a Visa/MC logo) card that you already have and that you have registered in your Upromise account. Whenever you make a purchase with one of these cards at an online retailer who requires use of a "registered card," we can track your purchase and automatically apply your savings to your Upromise account. Click here to see the list of online retailers who require use of a registered card. Click here to register a credit or debit card.

I paid with a debit card that I've registered with Upromise, but my cash back never posted and it's been more than 45 days since the transaction. What happened?
It is important that you remember to always use your debit card as a credit card when making a purchase with an In-Store or Catalog Retailer. Your card must have the Visa/MasterCard logo on it, and when given the option of entering your pin, or signing for the transaction, you must always sign for the purchase. This enables us to track your purchase as a credit card purchase, and we are then able to give you your cash back.

Do I need to use a registered credit or debit card when I shop with a participating online retailer?
With the majority of our 550+ online retailers, all you need to do is begin your shopping at Upromise.com/shop, click through from a Upromise email, or download the Upromise TurboSaver. You can use any method of payment (some restrictions may apply) and we will automatically track your purchases. However, some retailers may ask you to complete your online purchase with a credit or debit card that is registered in your Upromise account. To learn more about who these retailers are and how to shop with them, please visit the In-Store and Catalog Retailers page.

Can I shop directly at a retailer's website using my registered credit or debit card and still earn college savings?
In most cases, no. For example, Target.com is one of our online-only partners. If you go directly to Target.com and complete your purchase with a registered card, you will not get your savings. To get your savings, you MUST start at upromise.com and click through to the Target.com site, click through from a Upromise email or download the Upromise TurboSaver.

In general, to ensure that you get your college savings, we recommend that you always start your online shopping at Upromise.com or download the Upromise TurboSaver. With most of our online retailers, we do not track your purchases through your registered credit or debit cards but through your log-in.

However, there are a few online retailers who allow you to shop directly on their site without having to start at Upromise.com. To learn more about these retailers, please visit our In-Store and Catalog Retailers page.

Can I get college savings when I shop with an In-Store or Catalog Retailer and pay with a virtual credit card?
Now offered by several credit card issuers, virtual credit cards are single-use cards which help protect against fraud because they carry a unique code that expires within a short period of time.

You can use a virtual credit card to pay for your purchase and get your college savings when shopping with the majority of our online retailers. However, you will not get your college savings if you use a virtual credit card with an In-Store or Catalog Retailer who requires you to use a credit or debit card that you've registered with Upromise. This is because we cannot match the virtual credit card with your registered card to give you your college savings.

To find which online retailers do NOT accept virtual credit cards as a valid method of payment, please check the terms and conditions for companies that do not accept randomly generated, one-time-use account numbers.

How are the college savings I earn affected by returns, exchanges or back orders?
Adjustments to your rewards may take up to 90 days, depending on the retailer and the status of the order.

Returns: Returns will be credited back via the original method of purchase and adjustments to your college savings will be posted to your Upromise account within 60 days of the return.

Exchanges: Revisions to Upromise rewards will be made, when appropriate, on exchanged merchandise.

Back-ordered items: Upromise rewards earned on back-ordered items will be processed upon notification from the retailer that the order has been fulfilled.

Please note: The Upromise program is only responsible for awarding college savings on member purchases at participating retailers. All questions about returns, exchanges and back orders of merchandise should be handled directly with the retailer.