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ecoupon Items
How cash back is tracked:
You must check out with your registered grocery card activated to save at that store
When cash back posts as pending:*
Initial ecoupon cash back should take up to 60 days from your date of purchase, but depending upon several factors affecting the transmission of cash back information, can be as long as 4 months. Subsequent cash back should post as pending in your account within approximately 45 days of your purchase, but again, can take up to 4 months.
When cash back is deposited:*
Within approximately 45 days of your cash back appearing as pending, however, depending upon several factors, may take up to four months. If your ecoupon cash back is pending for longer than 120 days from the date that they first showed as "pending" in your Upromise account, please contact our Customer Care team so that they may research this on your behalf.

As of 2/27/11, all rewarded college savings that are related to the Grocery or eCoupon programs will have Grocery eCoupon listed as the Company name. All college savings that were rewarded prior to 2/27/11 continue to have the consumer packaged goods company listed as the Company name. Please double check the Grocery eCoupons savings link on the Savings by Company page to ensure that you did not receive your savings.