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Upromise contributing company: 10/21/2007
How to ensure cash back is earned:
  1. Respond to survey requests sent to you by e-Rewards. Be sure you keep your email address with e-Rewards up-to-date as Upromise will not share any information about you.

  2. Initiate a transfer on the e-Rewards website requesting a cash back to your Upromise account. You must log in to your account to initiate a transfer.

  3. It takes 5-7 days for your transfer request to appear as pending in your Upromise account.
When cash back posts as pending:*

Once a transfer request has been made, it takes 8-10 weeks for the funds to be received at Upromise and credited to your account.

When cash back posts as pending:*
6-8 weeks after closing
When cash back is deposited:*
8-15 weeks after closing


If I have further questions regarding e-Rewards, who should I contact?
If you ever have questions about your e-Rewards membership, you should contact e-Rewards at info@e-rewards.com.