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Budget Truck 4%
Upromise contributing company: 11/18/2007
How cash back is tracked:
Make your reservation through www.budgettruck.com/upromise and pay with any of your registered credit or debit cards
When cash back posts as pending:*
Approximately 90-120 days after the vehicle is returned
When cash back is deposited:*
Approximately 120-150 days after the vehicle is returned


Can I pay with my debit card?
Yes. You can register your debit or check card if it displays the Visa or Mastercard brand. Just select "credit card" as your payment method when you spend with any of hundreds of contributing companies--and you will automatically get college savings. If you are not given an opportunity to select "credit", please verify with the checkout attendant that your payment method is "credit" and not "debit". Please keep in mind that some Budget locations do not accept debit cards, even if they have a MasterCard or Visa logo on them. If you plan to pay by debit card, please inquire about the specific location at the time of reservation.

Prepaid rentals must present the same registered card for the security hold that was used for payment. Otherwise the rental will not register for the cash back.